Iran 2016, Alborz

This expedition to high mountains of Iran had a very special spirit for us. Iran is exotic and uncrowded country with remote mountains where beautiful lines just waiting to be skied. Our main goal was to ski down north faces of Alam Kuh 4.850 m and Damavand 5.670 m. Several other beautiful mountains were skied as well during aclimatization.

List of summits:

  • Koloon Bastak (4156 m) SE couloir
  • Shaneh Kuh (4450 m) to Takhte chal glacier
  • Takht-e-Soleyman (4723 m) E face
  • Mian Seh Chal (cca 4400 m) NE ridge to Sarchal
  • Couloir Espilet, N face of Alam Kuh (4850 m)
  • Damavand (5670 m), N face



Persia, Iran